Sailor Sunset

So I just finished processing this photo this morning. I took this while out shooting around Station Square and I lucked out with a pretty nice sunset. While I was taking pictures, an older couple came up and asked me if I was “the famous photographer from the paper”. I had no idea who they were talking about, but we talked for almost five minutes about photography, the city, and a few other things and as they were leaving I heard the woman whisper to her husband, “See I told you he was the famous photographer from the paper, but I don’t remember him being that nice”. Definitely made me smile, so if they randomly are on my site – thanks random couple!

Picture of a sunset over Pittsburgh from the Smithfield St. Bridge

Sunrise Silhouette

Well, again, I’ve been slacking. Real job has been keeping me from working on any pictures. I started working on a few a couple days ago, but just wasn’t in the mood. I think I may need to go out shooting and get some new pictures to process (even though I have about 15K unprocessed pictures on my hard drive). I’m sure other photographers who have just been starting have gone through the same thing, I’m guessing it’s kind of like writer’s block.

But anyways, on to the picture…!! This was taken up on Mt. Washington during an early morning shoot before the sun even came over the horizon. It’s of the Point of View status and was able to catch the sun just right with a little peak of the skyline. When I was up here, there were a few other photographers shooting that I had to wait to get out of my way. Maybe I should start threatening them with my gigantic tripod. Specially, I was taking this picture of the same statue. He was hovering right behind me as I was up close to the statue – I was there about 30 minutes before him, so I figured I had staked my claim. After I got a few shots, I moved about 5 feet further away from the statue and he just jumped right in front of me. ARE YOU SERIOUS!?! You saw me looking through my viewfinder and setting up my shot, but I guess just some people. Oh well, I got the original shot I wanted and this was an accidental byproduct of me being frustrated and moving back even further. So, thanks random guy who frustrated me before, but led to a cool shot.

Picture of the Point of View statue on Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh, PA during an early morning sunrise

Mondavi Private Room

Hi everyone – So I’ve really been slacking on the whole photography thing. I haven’t posted in a week, haven’t been out to shoot in a few weeks, and haven’t even processed any pictures lately. Just work is crazy and trying to do some other things have put this to the side. I’m back on track this week though!

This picture was taken at the Robert Mondavi Winery on our West Coast trip. The winery was very cool and had a nice Spanish feel to it. We did some research and found out with a Visa Signature card, you were able to access special deals and “secret” rooms that others were allowed. Well, luckily, I have one of those. So we got to go into this special tasting room. There were maybe two other people in the room and all the wine was really expensive. I think we had a tasting of a wine that was $200+ per bottle, normally, I pay $10 per bottle. Interesting to see the difference, but for right now, I’m sticking with the $10 (only cause I can’t afford a $200 bottle).:)Hope everyone has a great weekend and GO STEELERS!

View of a Private Tasting Room at the Robert Mondavi Winery

Dawn Of The Dead

Happy Sunday everyone! I missed posting last weekend because my cousin had her wedding. It was an amazing wedding and am so happy for them!!!

This picture was taken from up on Mt. Washington during what looks like the sky from a Zombie Apocalypse (see Dawn Of The Dead). I was on my way to work and saw the sky starting to change, so I took a quick stop up on Mt. Washington to get these shots off. Luckily I had my camera in my car and I still made into work by 8 AM! The sky was amazing – just this deep orange, with blue / purple trying to push through. The sky casted a beautiful orange all over the city. It’s one of those skies you see and just say “Holy ****! That’s awesome!”:)

Steelers are on today against the defending Super Bowl champions, Giants. I think they are going to win this game today – for some reason New York plays terribly at home. Although, due to the hurricane, the Steelers have to travel in to New York this morning. Also, the Steelers will be playing the Minnesota Vikings in London next year, so watch out London, here we come!!! Penn State won again this weekend as well. Plus Man United secured the top of the EPL standings. All in all, a good sports weekend (c’mon Gary Bettman – get the NHL back!!!!).

Picture of Pittsburgh from Mt. Washington during the zombie apocalypse

Cloud Mountain

Sorry for the delay in posting this week. There were some issues with my website that I was trying to resolve before I posted anything (and did more damage). Things seem to be working better now, so it’s Sunday picture time!…On Wednesday!!!!

This picture was taking at San Francisco Airport while we were waiting for the shuttle back to our hotel. The clouds were just creeping over the hill and it looked so cool, just like a “Cloud Mountain”! Hope you enjoy this Wednesday picture. See you in a few days…

Picture of a rolling Cloud Mountain outside of San Francisco Airport in San Francisco, CA

Skyline Sunrise

Special non-Sunday post!!! The reason I’m posting this today is that exactly one year ago today, I started my photography website. There are still SOOOOOO many things that I want to do (along with going out to shoot more), but I just need to find a way to add a few more hours to the day. Once things get settled with the regular job, I’ll be working to put out more stuff for my site. Enjoy! And Happy early Hump Day!

This picture was taken up on Mt. Washington during one of my sunrise walks. One thing I’ve started doing is getting more zoomed in photos. I like to start out with my wide angle to get a sense of the scene and if that doesn’t work, switch over to the zoom lens and I’m glad I did on this instance.

Picture of the Pittsburgh Skyline during a morning Sunrise from Mt. Washington

The Diamond

Well, I missed my first Sunday of posting pictures last week. Just had a hectic weekend and couldn’t quite fit it in. Anyways, this picture is taken in my home town of Ligonier, PA. It’s a very small town (2 stop lights) and we had our biggest festival this weekend called Fort Ligonier Days. It’s a great time to catch up with old friends and had a good time this year as usual. There’s tons of food vendors, craft booths, reenactments at the Fort, parade, and always a few beverages. Hope everyone has a good Sunday and I’m back to my regular weekly postings.

Picture of the Ligonier Diamond in Ligonier, PA

Gum Wall

This is the picture of the famous “Gum Wall” near Pike’s Place Market in Seattle, WA. Two out of the three times I have visited Seattle, the weather has been beautiful and it is such an amazing city. I haven’t been around for any of the rain, just the insane snow storm. Although, we stayed outside of the city and I have to say, the traffic in / around Seattle is absolutely horrendous. We had to leave about 45 minutes early if we were going to a place 10 miles away. Just terrible! But that hasn’t turned me off from the city. This wall has way too much gum on it and the wall across from it has started to morph into it’s own wall, even with a big sign that says “Do not place gum on wall”. What are they to expect? You say not do something, people just do it anyways.

Well, the U.S. just lost the Ryder Cup to the Europeans tied for the biggest Sunday loss ever. The Pirates officially clinched 20 straight losing seasons. The Steelers are 1-2 and looks like James Harrison will be out a lot longer. There is no NHL season yet. What is happening!?!@?!?!

And lastly, the picture I posted last week of the Pirates Parrot was actually taken by my buddy, JB, at the July 4th game. I meant to give him credit, but I was posting pictures and watching the Steelers game and got distracted. My B!

Picture of the famous Gum Wall near Pike's Place Market in Seattle, Washington

Pittsburgh Pirates

As of writing this post, the Pirates have just won in Houston and pushed their record back up to 75-77, two games below .500 and 6 games back of the second Wild Card spot. I am in no way a big baseball fan, but when my hometown team is doing well, I like to watch their games on TV, go to games, and even will watch baseball games of other teams with them in the playoff race. A few weeks ago, it was the beginning of the downfall of this years version of the Pirates. Everyone was talking about potentially keeping track on the Division, at least a Wild Card spot. Now, everyone in Pittsburgh is just hoping to break the MLB (and all other professional sports) record of 19 consecutive losing seasons. Come on Buccos!!!! These are a bunch of pictures I took at various Pirates game this season. I was hesitant of posting them before in fear they would lose after I had posted them, but now I’m going for the reverse jinx and get them back on track for these last 10 games. Go at least 7-3 and get this 19 year drought over with!

This first picture is my favorite – I took a bunch of shots one right after another of the Pirates closer Joel Hanrahan and combined them all together to make it look like there are four Hammers throwing at you at the same time.

Picture of multiple Joel Hanrahan, closer of the Pittsburgh Pirates

Picture of star Center Fielder Andrew McCutchen going deep in a July 4th game. I decided to do something a little different with this image and add an Oil Paint effect. I think he looks pretty awesome.

Picture of Andrew McCutchen going deep with an Oil Paint effect

This a picture of Third Baseman, Pedro Alvarez, swinging slightly early for this pitch.

Picture of Pedro Alvarez of the Pittsburgh Pirates swinging a little early

Andrew McCutchen avoids an inside pitch!

Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates avoiding an inside pitch

Starling Marte, Left Fielder, hit a home run in his first at bat on his first pitch in the majors. He was huge in the minor league system and has been doing pretty well since coming to the majors. Here is an interesting perspective of him warming up between innings in embossed metal.

Picture of Starling Marte of the Pittsburgh Pirates warming up between innings in embossed metal

Cutch gets another hit in this July 4th game.

Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates hits a single

Picture of Joel Hanrahan and “The Fort” Michael McKenry celebrating after the July 4th victory. I used the same Oil Paint effect on this picture as I did on the previous one with McCutchen, but this one is far less pronounced.

Picture of Joel Hanrahan and Michael McKenry celebrating after a victory with an Oil Paint texture

Another picture of Starling Marte between plays. Also did something a little different and added a “cartoon” effect. Looks pretty cool in my humble opinion.

Picture of Starling Marte of the Pittsburgh Pirates with a colored cartoon effect

Neil Walker warms up before a game by tossing a gigantic frisbee with the Pirates Parrot.

Neil Walker of the Pittsburgh Pirates warms up before a game by tossing a giant frisbee

Andrew McCutchen avoids a tag at home plate against the Dodgers and is safe at home!

Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates avoids a tag and is safe a home

The Pirate Parrot takes aim at his target.

The Pittsburgh Pirates Parrot takes aim at his target


Winter’s cold, spring erases
And the calm away by the storm is chasing
Everything good needs replacing
Look up, look down all around, hey satellite”

I’m not sure why Seattle reminds me of Dave Matthews Band, but it does. Maybe it’s that he plays a show at the Gorge every year or just the general vibe of the city. Either way, why not throw some Dave lyrics up for this picture. This picture was taken during my hellish work trip to Seattle during the big snow storm.

Steelers won today! They are now 1-1. They looked really good today and man those refs threw a ton of flags. I’m excited about the game next weekend, but what I hate is that their Bye Week is in Week 4 – WHY?!?! Oh, well. Let’s go to 2-1 before the bye week. As for the Pirates, sheesh! I have never been a huge baseball fan, but would love to see the hometown team get a winning record and I thought they were going to. I have taken a bunch of pictures of the games this season and never posted because I didn’t want to jinx them. I think I’m going to post them up next week, so maybe it’ll be a reverse jinx.

Picture of the Space Needle in Seattle and the Experience Music Project during a snow storm

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