In Pittsburghese (the language of the locals of Pittsburgh), a sammich is what other people may call a sandwich. Pittsburghers have some of the best slang…One of my favorites, “Jeet, Jet? No, Ju?”…This means “Did you eat yet? No, did you?”. Hopefully you’ll understand this, n’at. Anyways, this sammich is the staple of Pittsburgh. It’s from a restaurant called Primanti’s.

Truck drivers back in the 30′s used to drive through an area called The Strip District where all the warehouses and produce yards were located. They wanted a sammich that would be able to feed the hungry truck drivers and they wanted it to be able to be eaten with one hand while the truck driver was on his route. So they decided to take all the sides of the sammich and put it all one it for one amazing sammich. Two thick pieces of italian bread, meat, french fries, coleslaw, and tomatoes (plus a little hot sauce if you want it). Also on an rating of PNC Park (the baseball stadium), it received a “5+++” rating out of 5.

Anyways, enough about that, this is my favorite sammich at Primanti’s. Black Angus. I hope you’re hungry.

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