Animals May Bite

Picture day! The picture this week is from a park out in Golden, Colorado that had some of the coolest clouds in a 30 minute period I have ever seen. I have posted a few pictures of the Clear Creek History Park before (Purple Rain and Stormy Skies and The Red Barn). This was taken after the storm had went through, but still produced some amazing clouds. I have began to realize how crucial the sky is in pictures and comment on the sky nearly every other day. This picture would not nearly be even as remotely cool if it was just a blue sky, but the clouds and different blues and shadows make for an awesome picture (at least in my opinion:)).

I went out last weekend and took a bunch of sunrise pictures (even a cool panorama that I’m working on). I just need to get out more and get some great sunrise / sunset photos, so be on the lookout!

Picture of a park in Golden, Colorado

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