Gas Works Pipes

Time for some pictures…

This picture was taken up in Seattle at the Gas Works Park. It is such a cool park. All kinds of old pipes in bright colors with a beautiful view of the city. The park is a place you could spend hours at photographing.

On a tech note, the new MacBook Pro’s were announced today. I love Apple product (obviously a little overpriced), BUT there is no other laptop I would rather have. I am currently using a 2007 MacBook Pro with 2GHz processor and 1GB of memory, 256HDD. Nothing to scoff at, but not what the new laptops are giving you…2.3 GHz quad-core, 8GB of memory, 256GB SSD. So I think I will be ordering one of the new ones (to retina or not?!?!).

Lastly, I’m taking a week off of work in a few weeks and will be just relaxing around home. I’m really excited and hopefully I can get out and shoot everyday, process some pics, and start some projects I’ve been thinking about doing. I’m thinking photograph of the month, where was this photo taken, and various tutorials. So hopefully, I can at least make a small dent in my ever growing list.

Picture of inside a pavilion inside Gas Works Park

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