Sunset Silhouette

This picture was taken during a little photo walk I did around Station Square and is of the Fort Pitt Bridge coming into (or out of) the city. I lucked out with some great clouds and a really nice sunset. When I’m out shooting, I feel like Joe DeNardo (Pittsburgh-based weatherman) looking at the clouds and trying to predict how they will look when I’m out shooting. I’m beginning to learn how important clouds are to pictures with sky in it. No one wants to see a bare blue sky. There’s no fun in that. I’d much rather see big, whispy, colorful clouds.

In a few hours, we are heading off to see our movie debut in The Dark Knight Rises. I’m excited about this movie. Not only was part of it shot in Pittsburgh, but love the Batman series. Christian Bale does a great job, although a little dramatic when he is Batman. Bane looks like a total BA, so hopefully it will be good. I have heard mixed reviews, but I have an open mind and am going in excited. Enjoy your Sunday!

Picture of the Fort Pitt Bridge in Pittsburgh, PA at sunset

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